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Promoting your services to potential patients via various online platforms, such as your website, social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and professional site like LinkedIn. KIRTI Healthcare Digital Marketing in India and beyond helps you stay connected with current and new patients to recall you and to reach you in need.
The cost of acquiring a patient is cut down by 50% compared to traditional marketing. Data-driven decisions by user experience tracking by digital tools. Most people use search engines to find information. A SEO-friendly digital marketing ranks you high on search results, increasing your visibility. Well-managed patient online reviews bring more patients to your practice.

KIRTI Healthcare Digital Marketing Services in India and beyond work with only with you in your area for one full year to build and boost your brand, thus bring assured results.

We bring more value: Assured returns, focus on key growth areas: New patient Conversion and online reputation management, SEO-friendly custom healthcare content writing team, Dedicated resource team for each client and more.

Yes, by having a custom website compliant to Google dynamic search ranking algorithm and active social media profile with effective negative review management, irrespective of size, a practice can compete with anyone and consistently get new patients.

Yes. Ads that appear on search results earn more than 45% of page clicks. People who visit your website via a click ad twice likely to book appointment with you as they have clicked your ad in the first place because it is relevant to their need.
Because of its widespread reach. You can advertise across internet: On organic search results, third-party websites and also social media platforms. It is a short-term campaign with deeper impact.
Search engine optimization (SEO), is part of Search Engine Marketing along with content marketing, link development, and pay-per-click (PPC) management.
It is better to leave to vendor because of the following reasons
• Having a skilled professional agency helps you stay focused on your core business with better ROI.
• Only domain specialists can create SEO-friendly healthcare custom content for websites to rank higher in SERP
• SEO specialists needed to match your online profiles with dynamic Google ranking algorithm
• They stay updated with the trends. Your own team IT guys don’t sustain for long in the non-IT environs
Generally healthcare marketing begins with practice’s website as it is the hub for all advertising activities. By search engine marketing potential patients are redirected towards your website only. Viewing the relevant information, and patients’ review potential patients are further encouraged to visit your social media profiles where your regular posting content and more positive reviews build trust and propel them to book appointment with you. Only through your website they can book appointments. So a website is equally essential.
Majority of online users search Google for their purchase decisions because it gives the most relevant results. In order to do that. Google keeps updating its search algorithm to make results more and more accurate.
Google has so far issued five major algorithm updates, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, and Fred, apart from the unpublicized algorithm tweaks by its engineers every now and then. These have major impact on your website’s search engine rankings. Having a customized informative content with keywords, on-page optimization, and backlinks building all help as the job of Google algorithm is to reward the sites that have useful content for Google users.
Even if you are not online, your patients can say negatively about you in review sites and social media. If you are online, you have a chance to respond to it directly, engage them privately, find out their grievance, rectify if it is genuine. And also if the negative reviews are fake and written by your competition, you can get them removed. Anyway, being online is essential to grow your practice because almost the whole world is online and people make purchase decisions based on online reviews.
It does. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram are growing in terms of popularity and fan base. Tapping the social media users with a minimum budget makes good sense for enticing new patients to your practice. null