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Google Dynamic Algorithm’s Impact on Your Website Ranking

Google is the #1 search engine with about 40,000 searches/second. Google tweaks its search algorithm often, almost on a daily basis, to fulfil its goal of getting exact answers faster. “Algorithm” is a step-by-step procedure based on logic used in solving a particular problem. In the context of Google, the problem its algorithm is trying to solve is to find, rank, and return relevant results for search queries.

Although Google regularly issues algorithm updates, some tweaks happening regularly in its algorithm aren’t heavily publicized yet they may impact a website’s rankings in the search results. These hidden factors, if not attended to, can hit a website’s ranking badly.

Google has 200 ranking factors; No content creator or SEO marketer can factor them all. Yet, the websites that are built with solid foundation can still be on Google’s good side to rank higher in search engine page results (SERPs). On the other hand, Google punished websites with shady search tactics like keyword stuffing and exact match domain names (e.g., by lowering their ranking. Though many of the ranking factors are unknown, we got a hang on quite a few ranking factors. They are mostly related to backlinks, on-page optimization, and unique content. Even website layout plays a role in ranking.

How Google search works

Google obtains information from many different sources, including web pages
In summary, though Google in their quest to deliver the best results to their customers has the potential to wreak havoc on your ranking. In this scenario, the best long-term search strategy for any businesses looking to increase traffic is to align their goal with that of Google; to create and manage a Google dynamic algorithm-friendly website and a sustainable SEO and marketing strategy.
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